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LDARtools was recently identified at the 4C conference of being the “Think Tank” for the entire LDAR Industry. This makes us pretty proud. We are doing our best to live up to that role and today we are announcing our newest product.

The EPS Pro is the first in a line of cooling tower monitoring products that will redefine the best practice.

While the EPS Pro was built to comply with the required standards(appendix P), the status quo was ignored. Gone are the project boards, dolly and neoprene plugs! There was a better way to do it an we found it.

What exactly does Appendix P require?

3.1 Air stripping apparatus. An air stripping apparatus as presented in Figure 1 and meeting the following requirements:


3.1.1 The stripping chamber shall be a cylinder 36 inches in length with an internal diameter of 3 inches, and constructed of clear, heavy-walled glass.

3.1.2 The stripping chamber packing material shall be beryl saddles between 6 to 8 millimeter size. The depth of the packing material will be 26 inches.

3.1.3 The end caps of the stripping chamber must meet the dimensions specified in Figure 2. Neoprene stoppers are recommended; however, securing clamps will be required to prevent leakage. Black rubber stoppers are not allowed due to the
potential absorption and release of organic compounds. Alternative designs for the end caps, such as customized threaded plastic caps with Neoprene gaskets, are acceptable provided the materials used are non-reactive with the sample matrix or target compounds, and the end caps meet the specifications in Figure 2. The tip of the water sample inlet line is intentionally left 5 to 6 inches above the water level in the stripping chamber to help accelerate the response of the system as some VOCs will be released immediately as the water falls into the chamber.

3.1.4 Tubing used in the air stripping apparatus for transporting gas and water shall
be 1/4 inch stainless steel or Teflon material. Stainless steel or Teflon 1/4 inch
tubing of minimal length shall be used to route water sample from the sample tap to
the air stripping apparatus. The water sample tubing from the sample tap shall not
be more than 50 feet in length.

3.1.5 An empty, clear-glass flask is used as a knock-out to remove some of the moisture in the stripped air stream, but gas exiting the stripping chamber will essentially be at saturated moisture for the ambient conditions. Different styles of knockout flasks are acceptable; however, the flask must be clear-glass and 500 ml or less in size.
3.1.6 A T-union with one leg leading to a bubbler must be included.

Check it out below! Rugged!


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