Houston, TX, February 17, 2013 – EnRUD Resources and LDARtools, Inc. announce that EnRUD will become a distributor of LTI’s suite of LDAR products on a non-exclusive basis.

As such, EnRUD will provide to its customers a full range of LDARtools® hardware and LDAR software products at the lowest possible prices.

“Enrud’s offering of LDARtools software and hardware products will allow customers easier access to our state of the art features”, said Rex Moses, President of LDARtools®.

Please refer inquiries to:

Kevin Moses, Director of Operations, kmoses@ldartools.com

Enrud Resources
Roy Massengale, President, roy@enrud.com


About EnRUD


EnRUD Resources is dedicated to providing solutions for managing environmental and maintenance information in the petrochemical,refinery and manufacturing industries.  Our information management solutions are designed to automate and facilitate many of the daily labor intensive activities performed by facilities around the world.

About LDARtools®

LDAR Tools

LDARtools® was founded in 2007 with the goal of developing, manufacturing and supporting more reliable and user friendly LDAR hardware and handheld software. LDARtools® patented software programs Cal3.0 (automatic calibration) and FEScout (GPS vicinity locator and technician management) have become the state-of-the-art in the LDAR world. In addition, LDARtools® stocks millions of dollar’s worth of LDAR related supplies, manufactures phx21, c2, SpanBoxes and develops and supports a wide range of compliance related handheld software. Based out of Texas, LDARtools® also has a branch in China and distributors in Taiwan and Europe. 

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