Aaron Keele is the newest member of the amazing Software Development Team here at LDARtools. A graduate of the University of Houston in Applied Mathematics, he has worked at large oil and gas companies like Shell, Marathon, and Puget Sound Energy. As far as Aaron’s programming chops go: “My background is in Java and .NET software design and development in ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management),” he says.

Right now, he’s using his impressive development skills and infrastructure knowledge to help develop our software products and streamlining our processes.

When asked how he likes working for LDARtools so far, he says that “it’s been a refreshing change of pace from working in downtown Houston and/or traveling for most of my career. The office is 10 minutes from my house!” Aaron also explains that working with the LDAR Think Tank is markedly different from his time with large multinational corporations. “[At bigger companies] there is a large bureaucracy and things move slowly. I enjoy working with a small team of talented people in an environment where we can work in a truly agile fashion,” he says.

We’re happy to have you here too, Aaron. Welcome to the family!

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