The hectic pace at the LDAR Think Tank is sometimes in contrast to the nonchalant way we take everything in stride. We’d have production at the shop ramping up, but you’d still hear everybody chatting about things like boxing, computers or their life stories.

Jada Campbell, our Customer Support, may have been taken aback with the laidback atmosphere we’ve adopted. Our Culture of Fun may have been alien to her coming from a 9-year stint at Shell in Deer Park. She’s an LDAR industry veteran and she’s still trying to get used to the new environment.

Who can blame her? She worked as a Data Processor, where extreme pressure is a constant companion. “Because LDAR is time-driven, each day was a day closer to the end of one schedule and the beginning of another,” says Jada. “There was no time to breathe between schedules.”

When she came on board last month, she noticed the stark difference immediately: “Here at LDARtools, that pressure is gone. It is more precision-driven. You have to slow down and think about what you are doing, instead of rushing to make the deadline,” says Jada.

Asking what she’s learned so far in the short time that she’s been working here, she says: “I have learned that each day doesn’t have to be a “rush” to be over with.  I have also learned how some of the programs work and why they work.  That is what drew me to this job.  I wanted a different challenge.”

Well, Jada, you’ve come to the right place. We love the challenge of constantly making things better in this industry.

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