In an effort to create a testing environment that closely matches the reality out in the field, we’ve made some improvements to the LDAR Think Tank office.

Our Special Projects Manager, Derrick Mauk, went around the compound designating “units” and hanging LDAR tags. He used our SMARTflag program to set up routes with GPS coordinates, plotted to maximize efficiency.

“We’re planning to have hundreds of these scattered all over the place,” says Derrick. “We’re even planning on hanging one on Sam (the goat). That’s a DTM right there (Editor: not because of the elevation, but because of the difficulty of keeping Sam still).”

The benefits, aside from allowing Derrick to have a little bit of fun, include more in-depth activities when we host training sessions here at the LDAR Chateau. It also lets John test our software programs to produce more accurate scenarios.

And, as our CEO, Rex Moses, promised in an earlier blog, Derrick’s tagging activities will help develop a database that we will use to design, test, refine and perfect our most exciting software product ever: Chateau!

At LDARtools, we’ll always do our best to find a better way. We’ll also make it fun for everyone involved.


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