Remember the robot video that we posted a few months ago?

Wakeel Jackson, our new phx21 Technician, built it. He joined the LDAR Think Tank family in December and has been building machines for us ever since.

He’s also really good at it. After all, he is taking up electrical engineering at nearby ITT. He comes in to work from 8AM-5PM, then heads to school at 6PM. He’s used to the long hours after spending 4 years in the Navy. The man is driven, that’s a fact.

Asked what brought him to LDARtools, Wakeel says: “I wanted to do something that I enjoy. I also like the environment here. It’s relaxed and everybody cares. You’re treated like an actual person. They want you to grow and develop.”

Wakeel says that he’s learned a lot of things since he started a few months ago. “I learned to be open [to suggestion],” he says. And that while Tim and the others are there to help him, “I learned to identify my machine’s issues because this is my machine and not theirs,” he says. Building your machine lends a certain amount of pride that you accomplished something. “It’s something I can do. It’s something that helps people out in the field.”

Wakeel was born in Connecticut, raised in North Carolina then moved to California. He recently moved to Texas with his wife Angela, just before he joined us here at LDARtools. His hobbies involve working with his hands: tinkering with stereos then moving on to car audio systems. Now he’s building Flame Ionization Detectors.

We’re glad he’s here.

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