Hello folks! We have a new LDARtools team member to introduce:

“As Rex likes to say, he is the mechanic and I am the artist,” says Marian Regan, our User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) Designer. “I translate his and the LTI Design team’s knowledge of the business into UI that any user can navigate, understand and even enjoy.”

That best describes Marian’s contribution to the Software Development team here at the LDAR Think Tank. We realize that providing the best tools and resources to our friends in the LDAR industry is diminished by not making sure that everything is easy to use and understand. Marian’s role is to make sure that our function meets the best form possible.

Her pre-employment test and her current work on our new project: Chateau is a wonder to behold. And while most will have to wait until we actually launch Chateau to see everything, trust us when we say that both monitoring and managing your LDAR program has never looked this good (and easy!). But enough of the teasing and on with the introduction.

Marian worked for a software development firm (with Philip). Not only did she design the interface on some projects, she also wrote the code for them. Her talents are really put to the test as she faces exciting challenges in trying to make everything better in the LDAR industry:

“I love it and feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity. It is so nice to be using cutting edge technology and learning something new every day! Everyone on the team is always willing to help each other out and offer opinions on the possible solutions to problems.”

Asked what makes her the best person for the job, she says: “I have experience creating screens that are both visually appealing and intuitive to the user. And I’m really good at picking pretty colors (just kidding).”


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