LDARtools is pleased to announce that we have finalized an agreement with Environmental intellect (Ei) to become a reseller of their innovative LDAR software.

Starting today, the LDAR industry can purchase Ei’s hardware and software offerings through storeldar.com webpage for EiMOC purchases. Going along with our mission of  finding a better way, Ei has introduced electronic P&ID markups with LDAR tag numbers.  This software has been heralded by Sage LDAR Auditor, David Ranum, as “the best LDAR P&ID markups he has observed.”



EiMOC™ empowers your MOC and inventory technicians to do their work more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively.  Using a tablet with a Class 1 / Div 2 case, EiMOC™ integrates an entire backup of your LDAR database with electronic P&IDs and MOC packages in Adobe PDF format. No more stacks of P&IDs; no more paper Master Equipment Lists (MELs); and no more radios or multiple trips into the field to route “reference tags” – EiMOC™ gives field personnel access to the information they need to field-verify P&IDs, update your LDAR database, and inspect components.

EiMOC™ is designed for Adobe PDF copies of P&IDs packaged as a plugin to LeakDAS® and Guideware™ currently, with planned integration into Chateau™.  The software is compatible with the phx21™, as well as TVAs equipped withc2™WDA-1000, or WDA-2000 devices for collecting monitoring data wirelessly.

To learn more on the better way for LDAR MOC and tag revalidation, including the features and benefits of EiMOC™:

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