Our drive to improve ourselves and the industry we are part of continues to draw like-minded individuals to our cause. Warren Pilkerton joined us back in December and his determination to succeed convinced us that we want him in our team.

One of the best ways to introduce Warren is by showing you his work: the second robot video in our post last year was his.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1phVR4laaeQ]
It seemed simple enough: loop the wire around the gourd, lift it and then carry it several inches. Behind the scenes, it took several tries to get the machine to do what he wanted. Rex Moses, our President and CEO, already saw him complete the task before the video so Warren’s job application test is done. But Rex wanted to share Warren’s approach with everybody. All told, Warren spent a total of 6 hours tweaking, demonstrating and adjusting the machine.

That’s how Warren approaches the challenges that come his way. “Initially, I knew nothing about robots. I only knew I had parts that I needed to put together,” he says. “I went through the manual, knew what I wanted and found a way. I wanted to perfect it, which led to modifications and learning from what went wrong.”

He’s worked technical jobs before, but before becoming an LDARtools phx21 Technician, he was driving an excavator as a temp for a demolition company. “I want to work with my hands and was looking for something that required more skills—something that’s more of a challenge,” says Warren. He found our job search ad and applied.

To Warren, building and perfecting a phx21 is one of the most difficult technical tasks he’s done. Guidance and mentoring can only go so far, but the resolve to improve on your work is essential. He’s already built 18 phx21s and he’s showing us that we made the right choice.

Asked how it’s been so far, Warren says: “I love working here. Everyone gets along and it’s been great. It’s a highly skilled job with not a lot of friction. Your achievements are celebrated, instead of getting bogged down by your setbacks.”

We’re glad you like it here, Warren. Welcome to the LDARtools family.


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