Come one, come all!

The LDARtools Fall Festival opens in less than two weeks and everything’s coming together pretty nicely. We have a lot of activities in store for our guests and we couldn’t be more thrilled:


Skeet Shooting

For this year’s festival, we’re holding a small skeet shooting tournament. Our big open spaces allow us to launch clay pigeons all day. Too bad we can’t say the same for bullets.

Trivia Contest

We’ll hold the second annual LDAR Think Tank Trivia contest. IPR/EMS got the most points last year. Will they take home the crown again?


Door Prizes and Games Galore

We’ll be giving away a lot of stuff this year just for folks who are coming over. But to make things more fun, we’ll also have games to nab the bigger items. Unfortunately, a phx21 isn’t included in the prize pool.

Livestock Meet and Greet

The kids will have a blast playing with the animals. Our lamb (Pita), goat (Sam), and the hordes of chicken running around are just as excited to see them.


Food Trucks

For a scrumptious meal, we have POCKet to Me and St. John’s Fire to thank. POCKet to Me serves delightful pita wraps, while St. John’s Fire provides regional gourmet cuisine.

pocket_to_me-resize    stjohnsfire-resize

Product Demos

We’ll also hold demos of our current and new products. Questions are encouraged and we’re here to help you out with whatever issue you have. It also makes a legitimate case for coming over.

Gun Giveaway

And finally: we’ll be giving away a .38 snubnosed revolver and a 9mm SHIELD. Need we say more?

See you on the 14th of November! Please RSVP at


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