LDARtools has developed a bracket to hold your phx21 analyzer while topping up your H2.

Hooked under the H2 valve’s base, the bracket comfortably supports your phx21 while you set up. You don’t even need to take the phx21 out of the backpack to fill your cylinder. Here’s a video to see it in action:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RunYl6fKQ_w]

If you can’t watch the video, below are the steps to make use of this handy prop:

Step 1 Make sure the Sample Hose is attached to the phx21 before placing the backpack onto the bracket.
Step 2 Remove and safely store the fill cap.
Step 3 Turn on the H2 and connect the Fill Adapter to the phx21 H2 fill port.
Step 4 Twist the handle, then wait a few seconds for the cylinder to fill.
Step 5 Remove the Fill Adapter and reinstall the fill cap.
Step 6 Close your backpack and you’re done.


Please contact LDARtools to inquire about procuring the phx21 Fill Station Bracket for your site:

  • Call 1-877-788-1110.
  • Email sales@ldartools.com.
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