The Fall Festival is in less than three weeks’ time and everyone’s excited here at the LDAR Think Tank.

While the team’s running around getting everything ready for November 14th, we’re trying to get the LDARtools Chateau ready. Here are a few of the projects and additions we’ve made during the past weeks leading up to the Festival:

Fancy Floors
Aside from looking squeaky clean, our workshop and warehouse now have laboratory-grade, non-slip flooring. We’re ready for everyone to see where the phx21 magic happens.
Swings Are Set
Our palapa now features swings with just the right height that Rex’s feet can touch the ground. Lunchtime at LDARtools is now a hundred times more fun.
See The Sign
We’ve raised the sign several feet so that people won’t get lost when they come over next month. Our next project is to put up lights, preferably neon.
Stomped The Stumps
We’ve removed the stumps on our front lawn and while it takes time to get the spots green, we have a big open space for the festivities.
Cups and Cups of Coffee
Between meeting the demand for phx21s and preparing for the Fall Festival, it’s nice to have a breather once in a while. We have a fancy new coffee maker and great java helps a lot in the morning.
Driveway Gets Done
The entrance to the Chateau is getting a makeover (plus a new mailbox). And though we’d miss the brief jostle during our drive in and out of the office, we’ll be ready for visitors on the 14th.

We hope to see you in a few weeks! Don’t forget to RSVP by telling us you’re coming at sales@ldartools!


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