Ideally, analyzers would run perfectly forever. LDARtools built the phx21 to safeguard against a lot of problems, but things eventually go awry. Level 1 Technician training ensures that when your machine fails, you can get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

Derrick Mauk, our Special Projects Manager, taught a Level 1 Technician Training class for TEAM Industrial last week that covers the following:

  • Removing and reinstalling the phx21 case
  • Replacing the battery
  • Adjusting the probe flow pressure
  • Adjusting the LPH2 pressure
  • Replacing the pump
  • Replacing the Bluetooth
  • Replacing the glowplugs
  • Installing the charger bulkhead

A phx21 repaired on-site by a certified Level 1 Technician maintains its intrinsic safety guarantee.

Of course, LDARtools is still available through our support hotline and we’ll repair your phx21 as soon as possible. But according to Derrick, “You’re looking at a downtime of two hours as against seven days” if you have a Level 1 Technician on-site.

Contact LDARtools to schedule your Certified Level 1 Technician Training at 1-877-788-1110.

Team Industrial’s new L1 Technicians
Franky Hamman
Dain Frederic
Chuck Alexander
Tim Lowe
Desmond Thomas
Brian Weaver


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