We are excited to announce that the 50th phx42 was shipped May 24th. This is only the beginning.  

50 units sold

We will be the first to admit that manufacturing is hard. We have had learning opportunities (mistakes) on early units that made it to customers. We have worked hard to determine the cause of these issue


s and have successfully identified and addressed the cause of each one. There will be more to learn and we are ready.

There have also been many versions of our software and 3rd party handheld software that needed testing and revisions. The Inspection Logic, Guidewire, and CNTRAL Platform development teams have been great to work with and are committed to building the best customer experience for our mutual customers.

Being an early adopter can be a difficult thing and we thank every one of our phx42 customers for their willingness to help us improve the product, our software and the 3rd party software compatible with phx42.  



If you are interested in a phx42 quote, please send an email to sales@ldartools today.

Below is a list of platforms the phx42 is compatible and being used with.

  • LeakDAS Mobile for Window Mobile 
  • LeakDAS Mobile Android
  •  LTIM2 for Windows Mobile
  •  Freedom for Android
  • Guideware Mobile for Android
  • Calibration: Cal5.0


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