Tally your score with the phx21 Best Practices Scorecard. Click the image below to get the scorecard and instructions.

Submit your scorecard with your Site Supervisor’s signature and Win a Cookie Party for your LDAR site. No need to get 100% on the card. Integrity and Learning are the key achievements!

Best Practice Picture

Charles Christiansen, one of LDARtools’ Lead Technicians, shares with us his top 3 learning practices when performing a site audit:

  • (12) Fill H2 with the probe attached
  • (13) Keep your phx21 running while on break
  • (19) Clean probe tip filters

Charles explains: “I have chosen these 3, but all 25 of the Scorecard items are just as important. Each practice plays its own part and helps keep the phx21s in the field as long as possible.”   

To participate in the Cookie Party, have the Site Supervisor fill out the phx21 Best Practices Scorecard, sign and, date the bottom, then send it to sales@ldartools.com with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Physical Address
  • Company Name
  • How many phx21 friends will be joining the Cookie Party?
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