LDARtools climbs higher and higher!

A few weeks ago, Kevin Moses (Director of Operations), Kevin’s wife Marijane and our very own Erica Gentry (Inside Sales & Purchasing Manager) climbed Mount Bierstadt, near Denver, to take a breather from the bustle of the LDAR Think Tank. Taking essential mountain climbing gear with them, they scaled the 14,000-foot mountain in the Front Range region of the Rocky Mountains. Kevin and Erica also brought a handy tool that’s coming soon to the LDAR industry: the Archer 2.

Now, they didn’t have any components to monitor or tag all the way up in Clear Creek County, Colorado. However, they used the other nifty features that come standard in the new iteration of our favorite PDA. Here are a couple of quotes we got from the hiking duo:

“We used the GPS to navigate to the top, as well as log our climb. We were also pleasantly surprised with the pictures the OPTIONAL camera took.”


“The screen on the Archer 2 was very easy to read in the sun, even though the sun was extra bright at 14,000 feet.”


The rugged Archer 2 continues to prove useful in and out of the LDAR field. Do you have other gadgets that you can take with you for work and leisure?

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