The PDA is a bane or a boon out in the field depending on how it is used. Proper discipline can curb the safety issues it may cause, but the PDA’s potential for good is enhanced when it is utilized to keep the Technician safe from harm. The Job Safety / Hazard Analysis process is one of the key points that can harness the power of this compact marvel in the palm of the Technician’s hands.


LDARtools Director of Operations, Kevin Moses, suggests guidelines on how to improve the safety of your Technicians on the field with one of their most essential tools.

Here’s a peek at the document:

Most sites have a routine Job Safety / Hazard Analysis process: a review of a wide array of work factors and considerations, then documented on the JSA form. The form catalogs the Technician’s disciplined and organized assessment of the hazards and risks that she is likely to encounter in the area where she would be working and the tasks that she would be performing.

It is a remarkable tool when it is employed properly. When done haphazardly, it is less worthwhile and might even be counterproductive.

Download a copy of Smart Job Safety / Hazard Analysis (JSA) Process Technical Paper and stay committed to the safety and efficiency of your LDAR program.

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