Dow Chemical recently confirmed the company’s recognition of the value and superiority of LDARtools’ phx21 when two new contractors, ISS and IPR/EMS, assumed responsibility for important roles in Dow’s LDAR program. ISS took the LDAR reigns at Dow Freeport, while IPR/EMS became the contractor for the Louisiana Division, including the major programs at Plaquemine and St Charles. In both cases, Dow had specified four, important LDARtools products:

  • The phx21s
  • Deflection Management
  • GPS
  • Automatic Calibration

“Dow Chemical renews their commitment to
phx21 and LDARtools with new contractors.”

We sincerely appreciate the praise of LaRisa King, the new Regional Manager for IPR/EMS, after six weeks of experience with the newest deliveries of phx21:

“I have worked with phx21s since Day One. I have had my fair share of issues. I just started up a couple of new sites July 1st with 17 new phx21s. I have never seen FID instruments that run as amazingly as the phx21s that I received. Thank you LDARtools for perfecting an amazing machine!”

Thank YOU, LaRisa, for giving us our new company motto: perfecting the amazing.


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