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Hello from LDARtools Repair Shop,

As many of you may know the phx21 is designed and intended to have minor repairs performed on site. Some of the repairs include replacing the pump, changing out the battery or maybe even replacing the glow plugs.

When performing a repair caution must be taken not to damage any other parts of the phx21. At the LDARtools Repair Shop we have noticed that damage to other parts of the phx21 are occurring during these minor repairs.

Lets take a look at a couple steps that can be taken to avoid abuse, specifically to the FID that is located at the bottom of the phx21.

To begin a repair you must first remove the bottom overmold, which is done by removing the four screws located on top of the padeye plates.


Once the overmold is removed you must remove faceplate to to be able to remove the case.


Now a repair can begin. Once you have completed the repair great caution must be taken when screwing the faceplate back into the FID.

At LDARtools we recommend lubricating the FID screws before tightening into them into the FID. Be sure that the screws are straight on and not going in at angle. If screws are jammed or forced into the FID the screw could break of inside, resulting in a costly repair.

Please feel free to contact us a LDARtools if you ever have any repair questions! support@ldartools.com

Have A Great Weekend,

0mar M.

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