Repair certification leads to less time & money loss. Have you recently purchased a phx21 for your LDAR program?

Have you changed personnel and no longer have some certified to perform onsite maintenance of your phx21?  More and more companies are looking to cut repair costs associated with repairs of their VOC Analyzers.  This is possible with the phx21’s ability to troubleshoot and repair 80% of encountered issues onsite, with no requirement to ship the unit to our offices.  This not only reduces shipping costs to the repair center and cuts rental costs for temporary equipment, but also reduces lost man-hours due to being without an analyzer for use in the field to complete required monitoring.

For the month of April, LDARtools is offering Level 1 Repair Certification training at our facility for zero cost to the customer.

 About Level 1 Repair Certification

The training course at LDARtools will help you successfully repair a high percentage of your encountered issues with your phx21 by giving you an extensive look into the internal operation.

With the Level 1 Repair Certification course not only will you be provided with phx21 hardware and operating knowledge, but you will also receive crucial hands-on training.

With this certification you will be able to perform the following:

  • Diagnose Issues
  • Pump Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Glowplug Replacement
  • Bluetooth Replacement
  • LPH2 Pressure Adjustment
  • Probe Flow Pressure Adjustment

You will find that with your new knowledge and certification, there is now the opportunity to help your company reduce costs and be a more productive LDAR program.

If you are unable to attend training at our facility, LDARtools can work to arrange for an instructor to travel to your facility to complete this same training for a nominal fee.  Coming later this year…a complete online certification course.  More details in the near future.  To schedule your training today, email or call 1-877-788-1110 (ext 1).

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