I asked Derrick this morning about his experence so far, here is what he had to say:

I have worked on the service side of LDAR for over 18 years.  I have spent the late nights in the database trying to close out a quarter, I have spun countless numbers of tags onto components, and I have carried that TVA backpack up 100’s of towers.  I worked for many great LDAR minds and have been a part of some extraordinary projects.

 The greatest thing about my LDAR experience is that I watched it grow from its days of paper, pencils, and OVA 108’s to today’s wireless technology.  I am very excited about my new venture into the world of LDAR.  Here at LDARtools I get to be a part of the next generation of LDAR.  I get to have a hand in answering and solving all of the questions and issues that I spent late nights and weekends worrying about.

 I am excited to see the new hardware like the phx21 and the new software that will make the management and efficiency of LDAR a problem of the past.  It is also exciting to get to work with some of the faces that I spent many years working side by side with, both on the co-worker and client side.

We are very excited to have Derrick with us! Welcome Aboard.
Don’t Forget:
We are having our official Grand Opening on November 15, 2013. The afternoon will start at noon with a ribbon cutting.
Lunch will be provided by some of Houston’s favorite food trucks. Stay and check out demonstrations of our products, participate in various activities to win prizes, and enter to win one of our incredible door prizes, such as, a Remington 1911 Stainless .45 ACP R1!
Please RSVP to sales@ldartools.com
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