We wanted to update our longtime phx21 users on the status of our phx21 product and our immediate and near-term plans.


We announced the End of Life for phx21 in March 2017. At that time, we projected that we would be able to support phx21s until April 1, 2022.


We have exceeded that timeline by 15 months.


It is becoming more and more difficult to source several of the critical components. Of the ten critical parts, six (6) are beyond our capacity to source, provide or design/certify alternatives. These are the battery, charger, Bluetooth, mainboard, solenoid and high-pressure sensor.


We have limited supplies of some of these parts. Others are completely exhausted.


If and when one of your units needs one of these parts, and such parts are no longer available, it will be unrepairable.


Within these limitations, we will continue to provide the best repair and support services for your ph21 units.


Of course, if and when you are prepared to upgrade to the new phx42, we hope you will contact sales@ldartools.com.