Over the course of the last several months, we have determined that we could improve the operation of our filter removal detection feature.
We have decided to replace our current 1 – micron probe tip filters (LDAR#25)
with a newly designed .22 micron filter (LDAR#4236) that looks very similar but with an updated label and internal design.

The new .22 filter will be an improvement of our current
filter in two ways:
1. The extra filtration will make the filter removal detection function in our software much more reliable.
2. We have also redesigned the placement of the pre-filter to enable the filters to more effectively distribute the accumulated debris around the filter surface in a way that extends the life of each probe tip filter. (Stated another way, the old design allowed the contaminants to pile up on the filter in a way that blocks the sample flow more quickly than the new design.)

New .22 micron filters (LDAR#4236) are currently available at StoreLDAR.com.