Pita, the nervous, bashful lamb that was Trixie’s(the horse) “herd mate” has taken the long walk across our pasture to a place where the rest of us cannot go. All of the sad indications are that a pack of coyotes accompanied her on your final journey. Needless to say, we were all saddened by the loss- none of us more so than Trixie- who is just now starting to rebound from the grief.

Pita came to live with us several years ago. The immediate plan was for her to be here for just a couple of weeks. That would have been the last two weeks of December- leading up to the Christmas Dinner at Rex and Valerie’s house. But when Valerie learned that the “lamb” she had requested from Martin was actually going to require killing an actual lamb, her appetite waned for mutton and Pita was given an indefinite reprieve.

She delighted us, for years, with her dogged devotion to being Trixie’s wing-lamb.
She brought countless smiles to our faces and absolutely no veterinary bills. She was the perfect companion for Trixie. And we miss her.

We can only hope that the coyotes appreciate that they were able to finish the job that Valerie had originally envisioned.
May she rest in tender grass…”