After months of development and testing, TEAM Industrial Services has successfully completed the deployment of the full suite of LDARtools software products at the Targa facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

LDAR Tools team-logo

The suite of products included:

  • LTI Mobile™
  • LTI MobilePro™
  • LTI Scout™
  • LTI Safety™
  • LTI LStar™
  • LTI MOC™
  • LTI Desktop Manager™

The configuration features an important transition for LDARtools; The LTI Desktop Manager is now based on a SQL database platform. One of the key benefits is the seamless one-step sync process in which the monitoring information from the main LDAR data tables and the supplemental data from the LDARtools products are synced simultaneously.

“The LTI Desktop Manager is now based on a SQL database platform.”

Another important benefit is how the LTI Mobile Pro and MOC package enable a truly paperless field recording process. Cory Duncan, the TEAM Field Supervisor at the site, said it best:

“We have been talking for years about having a paperless LDAR system. Now, with the MOC package in LTI MobilePro, the Technicians can do all of their monitoring, MOC and tag maintenance work without any pocket notebook, form or clipboard. And we don’t have to type anything back at the office. LTI MobilePro is great!”

Now that the initial deployment has been completed, TEAM’s plan is to roll out LDARtools products to all of the sites that are managed and serviced with TEAM-owned equipment.

Rex Moses, the President/CEO of LDARtools welcomed the development. “We are delighted with the success of this deployment and the prospects of our future with TEAM. The special way that TEAM manages their LDAR databases gave us the opportunity to take a major step forward into our SQL future as we worked closely with them to integrate our products with their process. I believe that all of our customers will benefit from what we have learned and achieved.”

For more information on how LDARtools can work with and for you, contact LDARtools Sales. Call 1-877-788-1110 ext. 2 or send an email to

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