Our experiences have shaped who we are today. We’d like to share some of LDARtools’ great memories of our nearly-a-decade long service to you:

  1. June 2007 – FECrystal receives Class 1 Division 2 certification (ensuring it’s intrinsically-safe) in as little as 8 months and installed for the first customer 3 months later.
  2. September 2008 – The phx21 makes its grand debut at ISA in San Antonio. It took a short 11 months for the phx21 intrinsic safety certification and 3 months for its first installation.
  3. January 2011 – Environmental Analytics is sold. LDARtools becomes a real company.
  4. February 2014 – LDARtools releases LTI Mobile, the lightning-fast Windows Mobile LDAR application.
  5. Oct 2014 – Chateau is conceived from the LTIFramework design that had been started earlier in January.

There are a lot more interesting moments in LDARtools’ history.

Here’s to many more milestones throughout the coming years!

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