The PDA you use in the field is more than just a simple tool. It’s an essential part of your arsenal when tackling the hundreds of components that need to be properly tagged and monitored. LDARtools brought the Archer Field PC to the LDAR industry and now we’re set to improve on that and bring you a new product: the Archer 2.


LDARtools Director of Operations, Kevin Moses, provides insight on what the new product can do to help your LDAR program.

Here’s a preview of the document:

The Archer 2 still retains the ruggedness that you need out in the field and makes everything better with the technology that you would usually see in a smartphone. Features like integrated GPS and a larger Bluetooth range are essential in the field, but they did not forget to include comforts like a larger screen and a number pad for those who would prefer tactile feedback.

Download a copy of Archer 2: What’s the Big Deal Technical Paper and stay informed on the latest products and information that can take your monitoring to the next level.

Note: Archer 2 image courtesy of Juniper Systems.

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