Robert Williams, ECS Sr. Specialist for TEAM Industrial Services, Inc. received the first LTI Design Team Thermos at a Training Lunch for a group of LDAR technicians celebrating TEAM’s initial deployment of the full suite of LDARtools software at a Houston-area site. The Thermos was laser imprinted with the Design Team’s logo and Robert’s name—so no one will be confused about who it belongs to!


The LTI Design Team is a group of LDAR experts that plays an important role in revolutionizing the industry. The perks include the following:

  • Direct access to the actual developers of a project for feedback and suggestion
  • Sneak preview of confidential work-in-progress software
  • Beta testing preference for their site
  • Free software trials

If you would like to join the LTI Design Team (and receive your own personalized Thermos), complete the application by going to the Application form page.


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