Do you have the right equipment for your LDAR program?  If you are not using an Archer Field PC with your flame ionization detector, then you don’t.  And more importantly, if you are not using an Archer Field PC paired together with a phx21, you surely don’t have the best of the best in fugitive emmissions monitoring equipment…THE ULTIMATE PAIRING!

This ultimate pairing combines the latest technology in flame ionization detector with the most rugged handheld PC on the market.

The phx21 is an FID analyzer with wireless re-ignition, monitoring lockout if not calibrated, filter status notification, diagnostic logging, pump blockage protection, factory support for on-site repairs, automatic back-up ignition, carry weight under 10lbs and much more.

The Archer Field PC is designed for the most demanding field applications.  Ruggedly built for the field, waterproof and dustproof (IP67), has a long battery life, sunlight readable display, and is able to operate in extreme temperatures. Integrate GPS, WiFi, RFID, barcode or data acquisition functionality with the Archer by adding peripheral devices sealed with an extended cap.

Contact LDARtools today and make this ultimate pair a part of your LDAR program!

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