Does phx21 have a removable H2 bottle?
No.  phx21 uses a built-in H2 supply chamber with a quickfill system that eliminates the need for removing the bottle. By eliminating the threaded seams and the daily operation of the bottle, we have made the  the entire H2 supply system more reliable and less likely to leak.  In addition, we have virtually eliminated the additional cost associated with the need to replace the removable bottles.

Can I transport the phx21 with hydrogen loaded in the bottle?
The phx21 cylinder is DOT approved for transport. Contact your safety department and/or your shipping company for what this means for you.

How long (in months) should a battery last?
1-2 years.

How much do replacement batteries cost?
See for current pricing of replacement parts.

How long (in months) should a pump last?
Approximately 1 year.

How expensive is it to replace a pump?
See for current pricing of replacementparts.

How does the phx21 battery compare to the TVA-1000b battery?  
The phx21 battery is Nickel Metal Hydride (NHM) technology that results in a predictable 15-hour daily performance when new. The NiCad battery in the TVA is designed for, initially, a 10-hour day. The long term consequence is that the NMH battery will provide a full-day’s monitoring for a significantly longer lifespan. The costs for the battery are comparable and both are replaceable by onsite personnel.

What should I do if I have PID monitoring?
We saw no need to re-engineer the small number of  PIDs that are being used in LDAR programs. Neither did we believe that there was a natural fit to have the two types of analzyers (FID and PID) packaged in a unified package. LDARtools recommends RAE Systems PIDs as they are very affordable and extremely reliable.

Does the pump shut off when the warning tells the technician that he must replace the filter?
60 seconds after receiving the alert “Warning Max Pump Power!” the pump will shut off.

What is the benefit to the fact that the phx21 has no fuses?
If a fault occurs, phx21 will protect it’s mainboard from damage by automatically cutting power and reseting its circuits. This means if a wire shorts, only the wire will need replacement, not the wire and mainboard fuses.  It is also important to note that the wireless interface eliminates the process of attaching faulty AIMS cables,  Enhanced Probes and external Bluetooth cables that were so frequently the cause of blown fuses.

Do I need to manage the so-called “span counts” with the px21?
The utilization of so-called “Span counts” was the result of the analog system that was used in previous analyzers. phx21 features an automatic multi-range direct charge digitization system (AMRDCS) that relies on a far more complex process to  accurately generate  PPM values. As a result phx21 does not generate or display “span counts” in the same format as older analyzers.


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