The TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapter has revolutionized the way LDAR technicians interact with the tag information and monitoring data that is at the heart of their responsibilities. Prior to the introduction of the Thermo TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapter, the LDAR technician tpyically interacted with the tag and monitoring data through the use of the MARS software program on the LeakTragger datalogger. While is was the state-of-the-art for the LDAR Industry for more than a decade, MARS was really nothing more than an automated 3×5 card filing and recordation program.

With MARS, there was no ability to enhance, edit or improve the information. Tag maintenance information (information about new tags, tag changes or corretions to exising information) was either recorded on legal pads or pocket notebooks (for later research and then data entry) or it wasn’t done at all. While the TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapter didn’t change this dynamic, per se, it did pave the way for the application of a full range of handheld dataloggers (PDAs) that offered the opportunity for far more sophisticated software programs.

The possiblity of these more advanced software programs opened the door for a complete re-engineering of the way LDAR Technicians interacted with the data. It also laid the foundation for a far more robust accountability system for the technicians and their work.  What had been unthinkable, before the technological breakthrough of the TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapter, soon became mandatory: GPS assistance, one-step tag edits, real time technician protocols triggered by specific data events, seamless capture of delays, time gaps, monitoroing interruptions.

Each of these essential improvements flowed directly from the integration of new software and handheld dataloggers that were triggered by the arrival and adoption of the TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapters.

In the beginning there were those who thought the primary benefit of the TVA-1000B Bluetooth Adapters would be to eliminate the aggravation and disruption of the old AIMs cable interface between the TVA and the LeakTracker. But for those who understood the industry the best, it was nothing less than an invitation to re-engineer the entire LDAR Industry.

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