archer 3

It’s summertime in Texas and that means if it’s not raining you are sweating. Did you know that your Android probably has settings for wet conditions? Check out the user’s manual for more info.

Here’s a bit of info about one of our favorite handhelds.

For six years, Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 provided users with the assurance of optimum performance in the harshest environmental conditions. Today, those once relying on the Archer 2 for this assurance need not be concerned with its discontinuation and release of the new Archer 3 Rugged Handheld.

In three available models, all of which surpass the performance of their predecessors, the Archer 3 comes equipped with the quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Android 7.1 operating system, quadrupled RAM and twice the flash storage of the Archer 2. But what’s more is the Archer 3 retains the Archer 2’s exceptional level of durability.

As with the Archer 2, the Archer 3 is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, and holds an MIL-STD-810G rating for shock and elemental resistance, operating in temperatures ranging from -22° to 140° F (-30° to 60° C) and withstanding 4-foot drops to concrete. The user also has the same Touch Profiles available for the Archer3’s capacitive touch interface, ensuring zero interference from water or sweat in either pouring rain or extreme heat and humidity.
The combination of these features ensures superior performance and reliability in all environments, making the Archer 3 an optimal tool for mobile data collection.

The Archer 3 is designed and assembled by Juniper Systems in the United States.

archer 3