LDARtools is pleased to announce that we have completed the certification process for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Management Systems. 

This has been an exhaustive, months-long process and we are grateful to the team that has made it possible. 

To commemorate this achievement, we’re announcing our 13th brownie celebration!

Click here to RSVP by 7/2/21

You can also email brownie@ldartools.com.
Please include “Brownie Celebration RSVP” in the email subject line.

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Thank you again to all the phx21 & phx42 Level 1 Techs and users.
Continued teamwork and diligence, make this all possible.

The Probe Testing Adapter was designed to help you identify the root cause of filter related errors such as:


How to use the Probe Testing Adapter

When a filter error is not resolved by following the on-screen prompts:

  1. Remove the probe, attach the Probe Testing Adapter with a clean probe tip filter, and run a self-check.
  2. If there are no errors, then the probe was the cause of the issue. Report the probe issue to LDARtools support.
  3. If there are errors, submit the issue to LDARtools and comment: “Self-check completed with Probe Testing Adapter”.

The Probe Testing Adapter (LDAR#4300) is now available on StoreLDAR.com and will ship with phx42 tool kits (LDAR#4203) beginning April 1, 2021.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend folks. See you on Monday.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our phx42 Probe Carrying Contest.
We had many entrants and have decided to name even more winners than we had originally

The Grand Prize of $250 goes to Bruce Phillips (with Lily/ERM). Bruce’s method features a
swivel carabiner (to allow the probe to lay flat in any position) and a d-clip to secure the probe
tip from swinging while climbing. (The attractive hoody was not part of the contest, but we
have had inquiries about where Bruce got it.)


phx42 TVA Probe

Congratulations to Bruce!


We are also awarding $100 prizes to the folks who submitted these innovative ideas:

$100 Winners Company Cool Idea
John DeMaio and Brett Burt with Steve West Solvay Gear Keeper Lanyard allows the movement of the probe to full range but protects the probe from swinging while the tech is moving.
Denise Celestine HydroChem PSC Carabiner with ring hanging from backpack strap.
Shirley Barron HydroChem PSC Bringing probe hose through the opening in the top of the backpack- rather than leaving a gap in the zipper.
Wesley Nelson Team Chevron Great video showing the use of heat shrink, shock-absorbing lanyard and carabiner.


Note: the money will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation on behalf of those individuals who could not accept it due to their employer’s policy prohibiting such foolishness!

We won’t be at work but urgent emails to sales or support@ldartools.com will be answered as soon as possible. Ya’ll stay warm now.



Due to a transition to a new inventory management system, we are experiencing a temporary interruption to the supply of Disc Filters (for Thermo TVA-1000B) – LDAR#190.

We currently have a limited number in inventory and are shipping small quantities while we can. We expect more to arrive in the next 3 – 4 weeks. During that time, there may be a short delay in filling orders for this part.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact store@ldartools.com.

Due to COVID disruptions and our determination to transition to domestic sources for as many of our products as possible, we are experiencing a temporary interruption in a small number of our products and supplies.

Currently, this is focused on our supply of the Ruck Sack backpacks (for our phx21 and phx42 users) and certain manufactured parts for the phx21.

We are hopeful that this problem will not spread to any other of our essential sources.

Just as we are grateful for your patience and encouragement as we all live through what can certainly be described as “interesting times.”

We will keep you posted on any significant developments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact sales@ldartools.com

In response to requests from our domestic customers and our Exclusive Distributor in Korea, ENSK, we have researched and developed a No Oxygen Configuration for the phx42. We are proud to announce that ENSK has received one of the specially configured units and will begin a set of comprehensive tests.
The ability to detect Total Hydrocarbons(THC) in a sample that has little or NO oxygen without a secondary compressed gas cylinder or sample dilution probe is a revolutionary development for a portable FID. The innovation opens up applications such as stack monitoring, carbon canister sampling, and high nitrogen environment sampling- among others. Because of the dual pump design, combustion air scrubber and our drive to constantly improve our products, we are optimistic testing will be successful.
We are grateful to our friends at ENSK for being a part of this research and this testing!

ENSKorea and Ldartools Phx 42 화염 이온화 감지기 무(극소)산소 테스트 연구실험 및 시행

미국 국내 및 한국 독점 대리점인 ENSKorea의 요청에 따라 PHX42 의 무(극소) 산소 조건 구성 테스트를 연구개발 하였습니다. ENSKorea 회사는 이 특별한 무(극소)산소용 테스트 측정 장비 중 하나를 받았으며 함께 일련의 포괄적인 테스트를 시작하게 된 것을 자랑스럽게 생각합니다.

2 차 압축 가스 실린더 또는 샘플 희석 프로브 없이 산소가 거의 또는 전혀없는 샘플에서 총 탄화수소 (THC)를 감지하는 기능은 휴대용 FID를 위한 혁신적인 개발입니다. 이 혁신은 특히 스택 모니터링, 탄소 캐니스터 샘플링 및 고질소 환경 샘플링과 같은 애플리케이션을 가능하게 할 것입니다.

이 가운데 펌프 설계, 연소 공기 스크러버 및 제품 개선을 위해 우리의 지속적으로 노력할 것이고 긍정적인 결과를 가져 올것으로 생각합니다. 이 연구개발과 테스트에 협조하여 주신 ENSKorea에게 감사를 드립니다.

The LDARtools Office and Repair Lab in Dickinson, TX will be closed Wednesday 8/26 and Thursday 8/27 due to Hurricane Laura.
Any orders that need to be filled prior to 8/28 must be submitted to store@ldartools.com no later than noon today (Tuesday 8/25).
Stay Safe!

Effective immediately, LDARtools will offer all domestic purchasers of a new phx42 the benefit of a free loaner for any warranty repair that is required within the first 90 days after purchase.

The reason we are doing this is, first of all, because it doesn’t happen very often! But when it does, we want to make sure that our customers (who are also, mostly, our friends) can get back to work as quickly as possible while we get the silly thing fixed.

The option to receive a loaner will be offered when the issue is submitted and the loaner will be FREE unless the repair is determined to have been caused by contamination or abuse.

This new benefit will be extended to ALL phx42s purchased in the future AND those that have already been purchased.

(This special arrangement is not available for international customers.)

If you have any questions or if you want to buy some more phx42s contact sales@ldartools.com.