SpanBox Lite 530 Flame Ionization Detector Calibration System

LDARtools proudly carries the very best equipment and solutions to optimize your LDAR program. The SpanBox Lite 530—a smaller version of the SpanBox5—is specifically designed to increase technician efficiency and convenience through task automation. For example, the SpanBox Lite 530 calibration system removes the manual recording of calibration records and gas application during calibration confirmation and drift assessments. In turn, this automatic calibration improves compliance and helps use technicians’ time more effectively. Contact our team at LDARtools to learn more about Span gas calibration systems, including the SpanBox Lite 530 flame ionization detector and related products.


No need to fumble with bags and stopwatches, technicians simply connect to a SpanBox Lite 530, and calibrate using SpanBox Lite 530 for gas delivery.


SpanBox Lite 530, along with the Cal5.0 software, manages the calculations, performs the confirmation calculation and produces usable reports easily and quickly.


Calibration methods are frequently interpreted and performed many different ways.