The office will be closed July 4, 2022. We’ll be back Tuesday. Be safe and have fun.
God Bless America!

With no phx’s in our lab, what is there left to do around LDARtools?

Well, our Repair Technicians have decided to gather at the pond to fish (hopefully not reeling in a RMA!)
With our 15th Brownie Celebration underway, do not forget to catch your own fish (brownies) by clicking the link below!
Click Here to RSVP by July 31st
As always, we want to say thank you to all the phx21 & phx42 Level 1 Techs and users.
We hope you’ll be a part of this celebration!

Pita, the nervous, bashful lamb that was Trixie’s(the horse) “herd mate” has taken the long walk across our pasture to a place where the rest of us cannot go. All of the sad indications are that a pack of coyotes accompanied her on your final journey. Needless to say, we were all saddened by the loss- none of us more so than Trixie- who is just now starting to rebound from the grief.

Pita came to live with us several years ago. The immediate plan was for her to be here for just a couple of weeks. That would have been the last two weeks of December- leading up to the Christmas Dinner at Rex and Valerie’s house. But when Valerie learned that the “lamb” she had requested from Martin was actually going to require killing an actual lamb, her appetite waned for mutton and Pita was given an indefinite reprieve.

She delighted us, for years, with her dogged devotion to being Trixie’s wing-lamb.
She brought countless smiles to our faces and absolutely no veterinary bills. She was the perfect companion for Trixie. And we miss her.

We can only hope that the coyotes appreciate that they were able to finish the job that Valerie had originally envisioned.
May she rest in tender grass…”

The phx21 charger (LDAR# 762) is end-of-life by the original manufacturer. Any orders placed after the last charger has shipped will be canceled. 
If you need to source a charger to support your existing units, the following components are required:
Circular Connector: PX0410/08S/6065
Circular Connector Contact: SA3347/1
12V 700mA smart charger
A simple drawing showing applicable pin placement is here phx21-charger wire diagram-d. Please note, the substitution of parts in place of the originally certified parts may impact intrinsic safety. Please contact your safety department for more information. 
If the charger you select does not stop charging the battery pack when it is fully charged, you will need to choose a different brand of charger. Your battery manufacturer should be able to recommend a suitable option for you.

Please contact  with any questions or concerns.


Effective March 10, 2022, LDARtools is providing our online training courses through talentLMS.
We believe the new interface will provide a more user-friendly online learning experience for our FID and LDAR Software customers. We will be contacting customers with instructions for registering in the new system as their current certifications expire.
Any new users can access the training immediately by going to > Support > Online Training.
For more information regarding our transition to talentLMS, feel free to contact us at

Currently, we expect the warehouse to be open tomorrow, but FedEx Ground has announced they will be closed tomorrow (2/4) in Dickinson, TX due to the weather. FedEx Express or UPS have not made a decision.

If you need something shipped today, please contact us by calling 877-788-1110 ext. 730 by 3 PM today to confirm we’re able to get the order out.

For more info on the cold weather coming our way, check out our favorite weather site at

We recently delivered the 2000th phx to a lucky customer. Needless to say, we are pretty excited about that.

We would like to say thank you to all our suppliers, distributors, and most importantly, our customers.

LDARtools staff

The Warehouse will be Closed on Christmas Eve (Friday, 12/24), but will be open on New Year’s Eve (Friday, 12/31).


Price increases are not surprising. We have never had an across-the-board price increase. But that time has come.

In spite of rising prices for virtually everything we need, we have continued to invest in making our products the most innovative and valuable tools for the LDAR industry. The time to reckon with those costs has come.

Effective January 1, 2022, our prices will change as follows:

There will be a 10% Increase on:

  1. phx42
  2. SpanBox (all models)
  3. Fill adapter
  4. Minimum repair fee for phx21
  5. Repair fees on phx42 and phx21
  6. All training fees and other services
  7. Calx.x License fees.
  8. Price increases triggered by specific vendor costs will be passed on as we have in the past.

There will be no price increase for LTI Mobile products.

Pricing for Chateau will be handled on a quote-by-quote basis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Through it all, we appreciate your business.


Rex Moses


Tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/14), the Warehouse will be closed.
We will make a decision about Wednesday (9/15) on Wednesday morning.

Wish us luck and stay dry yall!